Poster for the film 1DeadDog

Release Date: Coming Soon

Production Company: Stafford RTB Films

Director: Rollyn Stafford

Written by: Rollyn Stafford

Producers: Garrett Benach, Rollyn Stafford, Brian Sutherland, Daniel Timothy Treacy

Cinematography: Michael Devin Greenman

Editor: Sean Parker

Original Music: Bryan Christopher Saylor (as Bryan Minus)

Post Mixer: Christiann Birch


1 Dead Dog is a dark comedy about 2 serial killer brothers who find a squatter in their house, who also happens to be a serial killer. As you can imagine, they bond over the body count.

1 Dead Dog - End credits

1 Dead Dog - After Party

Film Festivals:

Klamath Independent Film Festival

Reykjavik Visions Film Festival: Best Comedy Feature award

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival: Best Actress